America right now is facing one of the coldest winters ever, with temperature as low as -49 degrees Celsius in some areas, due to the ongoing polar vortex. 

The polar vortex is a large area of low pressure and cold air existing at North and South Pole, and currently, it is expanding and sending cold air to other regions consequently. 

While people are trying to escape a winter colder than their ex’s heart, social media has erupted with hilarious, shocking, and plain surprising examples of how cold America really is: 

1. Talk about a rocking a new look!

2. ‘Boiling snow’.

3. Cold turning people into creative geniuses. 

4. Winter wonderland?

5. Is it a ghost? Nah, just winters. 

6. Even Vodka ain’t safe.

7. Window screening?

8. Elsa at work again. 

9. Frost boomerangs anyone?

10. Tide se bhi zyada white. 

11. Holy shit, that’s cold! (pun, intended). 

Toilet froze… And then burst. #polarvortex

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12. It’s not park, its brrrark. 

13. Fiction turned fact. 

14. Fancy a walk?

// Braving the cold

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15. Finally, putting all those filters to good work. 

16. Cold enough for hell is cold enough for mortals. 

*The cold never bothered me anyway.*