Yet another precautionary measure by Facebook has had hilarious consequences when a Vietnamese-Australian man Phuc Dat Bich was banned on account of his name.

Ironically Phuc took to Facebook to express his frustration. The 23-year-old is an employee at the Bank of Australia and had to finally resort to putting up a picture of his passport as proof along with a note that was dripping with exasperation.

Source: Giphy

He said that he found it highly irritating and offensive that he has been accused of ‘using a false and misleading name’

Phuc Dat Bich, pronounced Phoo Da Bic, is just a regular guy  who apparently likes cars going by his Facebook page, but continues to get banned by Facebook on account of his name.

But Phuc is not alone, recently a woman named Isis was banned by the social networking site that thought she was a terrorist. And before that a man named Something Long And Complicated was forced to change his name to William Wood.