It's hard for a lot of guys to get their women to orgasm, at least until they've got a good grasp of all the tools they can use to do so. Simple Pickup decided to give out a little practical education, by enlisting the help of a couple of female pornstars to school a bunch of mildly confused (and wildly aroused) men on the intricacies of going down on a woman.

Eating out is hard, but not when you've been taught taught by pornstars demonstrating on oysters!

Oysters may look like vaginas, but they taste totally different (most of the time), so the whole thing quickly turned into a bit of a hilarious sham.

Watch out for the semi-pro beatboxer, or should we say box-beater?

All in all, just a fun afternoon molesting oysters with pornstars, it doesn't get better than that!