Has anyone ever told you that you are wasting your time by reading the Harry Potter books? Don’t mind them for you have science on your side according to the results of this new study which has shown some uplifting results. Turns out, albeit unknowingly, you have been investing all those hours into making yourself a better person.

Source: Harry Potter Wikia

Come to think of it, we increasingly need more people like that, right? Not to mention, just reading books in general is an extremely good habit.

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It is quite easy to understand where it is all coming from. Harry and Ron’s constant association with what has been referred to as ‘mudbloods’ in the books, their irreverence of the ‘pure blood’ status, the equal treatment he gives to giants, goblins, elves and centaurs has systematically done away with all sorts of discrimination.

Source: News Week

Also, Professor Dumbledore, had a great hand in all of this as well. He was not only Harry’s mentor, he became a mentor to everyone who have read the books. And as everyone knows, he was only the most understanding, loving, kind and intelligent person in the world.

So, Potterheads! Do your bit. Make kids read Potter and spread the love!