Finding skeletons in one’s basement seems like a great plot for a horror movie. Even Indiana Jones found skeletons in places they didn’t belong. It’s all fun and games till you find out that there’s an orphanage in London where the authorities found the creepiest skeletons ever captured on film. The basement had specimens from a fringe zoologist, a crypto-naturalist and xeno-archeologist, Merrylin Cryptid.

These images are an insight into the darker sides of the human psyche.


I always knew that rabbits were ‘horny’!


Eerily peaceful.


There’s literally a skeleton in the closet.


We should put an end to dragon infanticide.


A rare childhood picture of Hellboy.


Is this a snake with wings or a winged larvae?


Specimen collection of different skulls.


Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No it’s a flying skeleton.


Even the surgical kit looks creepy AF.


Professor Lupin during his childhood days.


I think they clipped his wings.


These aren’t historical artifacts but the works of an artist, Alex CF. Alex has a weird sense of art and seemingly enjoys creating these oddities. Some of his other works can be found here.