Women of Tinder (a dating app) with duck face selfies, pictures with dildos or even nude pics with guitars – be scared. Be very scared. Jarrod Allen a.k.a. ‘Tindafella’ is on the prowl. Nope, your safety isn’t at risk. It’s your dignity/online rep/street cred or whatever else the kids are calling it these days that is in danger. Don’t take this lightly. See the horror (or the brilliance, if you’re up for a good laugh) unfold here.

1. Not sure if this is a duck face of if the wind just blew her lips backwards.

2. Because if scoring a date is the goal, displaying your baby bump is the best foot forward, right?

3. Press me gently.

4. I call this the ‘Red-Wine-Aasana’.

5. I wanna hold your hand… and merchandise it. “For science”.

6. No one else but you, me and our “Scorseses”.

7. “Doodho nahaao, putoh phalo!”

8. Did you break a string? All I have is G’s.

9. Not sure if ‘Naked Heisenberg’ is the right way to go about it.

10. “I’m fun, outdoorsy and flatulent.”

11. Winter is coming. If you know what I mean.

12. The marker ink will go. But your tattoo will still be ugly.

13. Banana peel for scale.

14. Not gonna lie. He actually has the nicer pair of legs.

15. “If this be Garden of Eden then we be sinning all day”.

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