No matter how hard you try to ignore narcissistic posts on social media, you cannot. The trait somehow manages to package itself in the form of weird trends and manages to ‘catch on’.

The latest in the offing is the #UpgradeChallenge which is basically another way of you saying “oh look, I looked so weird back then but I look so cool right now… OMG! I can’t even” yada yada. Basically, a re-packaged before and after set.

All you have to do is add this image in the middle of the before and after photos.

So, obviously people on Twitter had a field day, using the #UpgradeChallenge hashtag.

Thankfully, the Internet has this amazing ability to take anything and totally turn it on its head. Here are some of the more wacky uses of the ‘Upgrade’ button.

So what do you think? Time for an upgrade?

h/t Distractify