So for those of you didn’t already know this, the Chinese subway isn’t the most politically correct space in the world. A trend that has been spreading over the last couple of years in Japan and Korea has reached China as well. Subway upskirt. 

So a little back story might be needed here. This lady from Nanjing, China decided to wear a skirt to her commute on the subway. The gentleman in the video, the very image of gallantry this bloke, decided to sneakily take a few upskirt pictures.

And that’s when shit hit the fan.

The lady whipped out her phone, turned on the video and confronted him. While we don’t understand what they’re saying, what we can see is that this guy was so close to shitting himself that when she told him to get rid of the SD card he decided to break it by chewing it. 

McDonald’s breakfast hours must have almost been over because the moment the gates opened, he made a run for it like his life depended on it. 

I hope you got your Egg McMuffin you strange, strange, creepy man.