Ever noticed how you react when someone tells you you're beautiful?

A darling young high-school student in Chicago, Shea Glover , decided to record the reactions of people in her school as she told them she thought they were beautiful. What she ended up capturing will melt your heart.

The people she photographed were told the focus of Shea's project in front of the camera.

And the reactions were simply priceless.

From shy giggles and covering of faces.

To rolling of eyes.

While other faces just plain lit up without reservation at the unexpected fuzzies they suddenly felt.

Some even tried the age old defence mechanism - humour.

Shea's lovely words were also met with doubt and scepticism a few times, though.

Some were more fierce than others.

And some just entirely seemed to shut her out.

But even through the disbelief, we hope it made everyone just that little bit happier, feel that little bit more beautiful than they felt a minute ago.

'Cause look at these smiles. If it's not about them, then what is it all even about!

So go ahead, tell someone in your life how beautiful they are. Today. 'Cause we JUST do not say it often enough.

Watch the whole video here:

Source: YouTube

Thank you, Shea. Sometimes I guess we all need a reminder of just how much beauty is around us at all times.