If someone asks you, who the worst Bollywood actor is, you'll probably have a list. You'll take a while picking out the best worst.

But in a second, without second thoughts, Google has the answer. 

So when we searched Google for the 'worst actor in Bollywood', here's what Google had to say.

That's right, people. 

Looks like the mystery has been solved. 

Although we have a feeling that Salman bhai might not agree.

But why Google? 

Why would you say that about one of the most accomplished Bollywood actors ever? 

Source: Bollywood360

Look at him giving Hercules a run for his money here.

Source: dontcallitbollywood

And look at him crying after watching Race 3.

That's some method acting right there.

Source: haribhoomi

But no.

You ignored all of that.

And gave us this.

And now Salman bhai is like...

Source: Venus

Wow, Google. Hope you're proud. Tch tch tch.