This morning I woke up in my middle-class bed at my middle-class home and came across this not-middle-class-at-all picture of a newspaper ad. The ad immediately sent me into a frenzy and I desperately started looking at calendars and clocks to check if we were still in 2018.

Unfortunately, we still are. However, oblivious founders of ‘Young Achiever’s Matrimony’, and organisers of this event, Mr. & Mrs. Sreeram, are not. According to this ad:

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Evidently for an exclusive swayamvar-esque meet-up for the literal “ultra rich”, The Grand National Young Achiever's Matrimony Meet only invites 'young achievers' who are:

Successful entrepreneurs

Yes. Beautiful girls.

So while men have to be literal achievers (some problematic aspects there too) to attend this desi Illuminati mating ritual, the only achievement women need to have is physical beauty. Yay, guys! You failed at basic 2018.

And the absurdity doesn’t end there. This sanskaari bourgeois banquet has an attendance fee of Rs. 10000 to 25000 for a luxurious VEG. lunch and high tea.

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While this is an event that is supposed to end up in marriage, the only happy marriage we're seeing for now is one between class discrimination and blatant sexism. This ad is proof that both are pretty prevalent and thriving among our esteemed HNWIs and it surely doesn’t seem like it’s going away any time soon.

But as far as my second-hand knowledge of the rich goes, pretty sure most of them who belong to our generation will find this laughable. At least I hope they do. Don't have much hope after seeing this obscenity.

While this may just be how the ultra-rich meet and mate (is it though?), it surely wasn’t the best idea to advertise it audaciously in a newspaper that’s in mass circulation among us plebs. Plebs who now know some pretty absurd bourgeois secrets.

Side note: All this elaborate planning and they can’t even spell achievers right.

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Rich dudes, beware! This may be a trap.