While this is a fact I’ve known since the day I was born, it feels great to have it finally validated by a study.

According to a study by YouGov, while older siblings have a better sense of responsibility, the younger ones are blessed with a better sense of humour.

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Being a younger sibling, I can totally vouch for the fact that my jokes are hilarious while my older sister struggles to even understand a basic meme.

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The study involved siblings that were asked to rate themselves in different areas of life like a sense of responsibility, organisational skills, self-confidence and humour.

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While most older siblings leaned towards being felt a greater sense of responsibility, their younger counterparts were comparatively better at getting along with people and also believed that they had a better sense of humour.

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The study also adds that this equation was more significant when there were more than 2 siblings involved.

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For all those years of bullying, this is our prize.