This is a lungi. A comfortable garment worn around the waist that extends till the ankles. It's pretty common in India.

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We're so enamoured by it, that we've even dedicated a song to it.

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And not just us. Even people abroad are so fascinated by it, they name their kids after this garment.

Which is probably why fashion giant Zara is now trying to cash in on its popularity. 

By selling it on its website. 

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But, inki lungi 'Zara' si mehngi hai.

Considering that they're selling it for a whopping ₹4,990 per piece.

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And we're all like...

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I mean why would you sell something that's available for ₹50 at such an exorbitant price? 

And BTW, it's a lungi, not a 'check skirt'.

Source: Zara

In the words of Shri Shri Kejriwal...