It's impossible to take your eyes off of his beautiful face. It's impossible to take your eyes off of his beautiful face.

I know I said it twice, but it really is impossible, yaar.

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And this beautiful face has an even more beautiful heart. His soulful voice is just cherry on top.

He has convinced me of 'higher powers at work'. And I'm anything but selfish, so I will share this gift of god with you.

Pictures of Zayn Malik that will make your day, your week... your life!

Please meet Mr. Zayn Malik, proud owner of this face.

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And these tattoos.

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Okay, how can someone be this handsome?!

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It's unbelievable, right? Zayn Malik agrees.

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His hair deserves special mention, too.

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Whether he's rocking blonde or pink, he looks like a million bucks.

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Can you not look at us like that?

Okay, please do!

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Get outta my dreams, get into my car...

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Wanna hear a joke, Zayn?

You're not the most good looking man on the planet.

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You know it's youuuuuooooohhhooo

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Can I have your autograph? Yes?

Okay, please make it to "My One and Only"

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Being smokin' hot is injurious to our collective health.

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Issued in public interest.

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His pictures of staring into the distance > your pictures of staring into the distance.

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Him looking at you > everything.

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Tell me what's bothering you, Zayn.

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Is it your relationship with Hadid Bibi?

I knew it!

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Don't lose heart though... or that precious smile.

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Meanwhile, we'll keep admiring you and go...

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Call him perfection from now on.