Street Dogs Captured In Delhi Ahead Of The G20 Summit Because Animal Welfare Is Only For The Books

Aaliyah Jain

It’s a common to see animals on streets in our country and these wandering, often-hungry canines speak volumes about societal dynamics in the society; and, rather than discussing this important issue, we are literally covering it up.

As the government is gearing up for The G20 Summit 2023, the nation’s capital is getting a ‘makeover’ with ‘clean, animal-less streets’.

Apart from being covered in lights, the city is being ‘beautified’. This includes covering slum areas with green sheets and removing the animals from the streets.

Since last week, the authorities have installed langoor cutouts to scare monkeys away from the streets and now, hundreds of street dogs are being captured ahead of the summit. The ambulances that were picking up these dogs displayed ‘On Duty G-20’ on them, according to Reuters.

Ambika Shukla, Trustee, People For Animals, condemned the act and said:

“What India is doing is ironic given the theme of the G20 – one earth, one family, one future. It is hypocritical to talk of a shared future when we do not make room for our co-beings.”

The internet isn’t happy with the actions either, here’s what people think:

It’s ironic how the motto of this summit is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – One Earth One Family One Future.

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