Someone Shared The Screenshots Of Celebs’ Dating Profiles From ‘Raya’ & People Are VERRY Invested

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When you’re swiping right or left on dating apps, you don’t expect to come across a famous celebrity popping in your feed. Even if you do, there’s most likely a suspicion of fake profiles because, you know, our realities are essentially doomed, and catfishing is as real as it gets. But, if you’re on an exclusive platform reserved for the elites, things become different altogether.


A Redditor, u/Vast-Communication40, took to Reddit’s committed community for all things Bollywood, r/BollyBlindsNGossip, and shared pictures of celebrity profiles on Raya, and people are really invested.


But before that, what’s Raya? Well, it is a private, members-only platform that was originally designed to facilitate dating but has now also incorporated networking. Now, you can’t join Raya on a whim. The app is exclusively available on iOS. To join it, you’ll have to fill out a form, give your Instagram handle, and mostly wait because it’s not THAT easy to get in. If you’re referred by an existing member, it will greatly improve your chances, but it’s not sure shot.

Apparently, the subscription sum for the app is also pretty substantial, and you ONLY get in after your profile has been properly deliberated upon and your identity is confirmed. The app is highly exclusive, and many global celebrity figures are known to be on the app.

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Here are the popular Indian celebs the Redditor has found on Raya –

1. Shubman Gill


2. Sara Tendulkar


3. Babil Khan


4. Tanmay Bhat

Reddit – u/Vast-Communication40

5. Kartik Aaryan

6. Orry


7. Karan Johar


8. Parul Gulati


9. Anunay Sood


Now, ain’t this a scoop? Seeing celebrity profiles, people naturally had questions about authenticity and the application in general. They also wanted to know whether the Redditor was actually a famous celebrity. Here’s what they said…

If there was a possibility for fake profiles on Raya?

Who all can access Raya?

Why can’t ordinary people join Raya?

If the Redditor was actually a celebrity?

If celebs are genuinely using the app or it’s all transactional?

Simply put, Raya is like an online dating platform for the elites. That answers the question of where celebrities go for online dating.

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