It Apparently Took Over ₹52 Crore To Bring Rihanna To India & Desis Are Milking All Of It

Vasudha Sabharwal

Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani’s pre-wedding festivities begin today. It will be a three-day lavish affair, the itinerary of which screams magnificence. We don’t know how many of you remember (even though it’s not something one can forget easily) but back in 2018, Mukesh Ambani — the man who can literally do anything — had brought Beyonce for his daughter’s pre-wedding celebration. Rihanna has arrived, this time, all set to perform a private concert for the guests. 


According to an exclusive India Today report citing anonymous sources, the pop icon is charging somewhere between $8-9 million, which is ₹66-74 crore for the performance. Another report by Hindustan Times citing Daily Mail noted Rihanna is charging a fee of over ₹52 crore.

The video of the singer’s arrival in India has gone viral on the Internet for obvious reasons. Take a look.

Apparently, she has brought an enormous luggage with her.

For which, she has already offered an explanation.

Reportedly, Rihanna will be performing her hit songs, including ‘Diamonds‘, ‘We Found Love In A Hopeless Place‘, and ‘All Of The Lights.

With the extravagance that comes with all Ambani family-related events and the fact RIHANNA will be performing this time, people have reactions. And they’re hilarious.

Only Mukesh Ambani can bring Taylor Swift to India now. But let it not be a private thing, please!

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