Here Are 12 Things You Shouldn’t Miss Out On When Living Alone

Anjali Awasthi

Living alone comes with a lot of freedom and responsibilities. There are a zillion things you have to look after when you move out, and we know it can be overwhelming at first. From your safety and knowing the area to actually settling down in the house, it’s a massive change for you. We have gathered some tips that will make this journey easy and convenient for you.

1. “If you don’t feel like doing chores (cleaning, emptying the washing machine, whatnot), put on a song and do it for just those 3,5 mins. You’ll be surprised how fast you are.”


2. “Before you adopt a pet, consider if you’ll have extra money for medical emergencies and what you’ll do if you need to travel. Have a pen, scissors, scotch tape, a small sewing kit, and a roll of string. You never know when you’ll need it.”


3. “Introduce yourself to your neighbors, and bring a small gift (cookies, cupcakes, whatever). Get that goodwill rolling right away, in case you need to ask a favor later, or if something goes wrong that’s out of your control.”


4 .”Buy a cheap coffee maker and a travel mug. You will save a ton of money not stooping for coffee every day. Don’t eat out 3 times a day. Pack lunch and come home for supper. Sounds dull but you will save so much money buying groceries and eating out less.”


5. “DO YOUR BED, someone once asked why you should do your bed if you’re gonna sleep on it anyways later, my answer to that is why do you wipe your ass if you’re going to shit later anyways.”


6. “Have a reasonable stockpile of things you might need should you not be able to leave your home for a while (such as getting sick or your car breaks or whatever). So things like spare toilet paper, food to last you a week, etc. Keep a medical box with common medicines (Tylenol, cough drops, etc) and bandages, and regularly check to sure they’re not expired.”


7. “Portion control and utilize your freezer. It’s hard to buy ingredients and cook for one. Most recipes you’ll find often are designed for four. Too often if you aren’t careful you’ll end up eating the whole portion instead of just a single portion. Also trying to eat the same thing as leftovers every day just leads to you wanting to eat out more or increase food waste, so if you can properly learn to portion out the meals you are cooking then create “freezer meals” from the leftovers you’ll be much happier, healthier, and wasting less.”


8. “Make time to go see your friends and family often. You can get into loneliness and isolation really subtly like the proverbial frog boiling. You won’t even really notice what you’re missing. Lots of people get complacent about living alone and don’t realize how much happier or fulfilled they could be. Possibly an unpopular opinion since a lot of people don’t like hearing that.”


9. “Treat yourself like your own roommate. If you’ve just started living alone, chances are that you’ve lived with roommates. What would you think of a roommate that left his dirty underwear on the bathroom floor after a shower? What do you think of a roommate that left his dirty dishes in the sink? What would you think of a roommate that never cleaned up a spill, or left empty glasses on the coffee table? You are your own roommate. If you wouldn’t think well of someone who did something, then don’t do it to yourself.”


10. “Get a duplicate set of keys and give them to a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor in case something happens and you find yourself locked out. Keeping a set of keys in a lockbox is another option, but keep in mind that these can be pried open if someone is determined enough. If you are going to use one of these, try to hide it.”


11. “Make the place your own, just how you like it. Get a plant and depending on where you live, a Happy Light. Keep it clean. Go outside and breathe fresh air at least once a day. And learn to enjoy your own company. And don’t open the door for anyone late at night.”


12. “Try to clean one thing every day. The floor of one room, the toilet seat, the sink, whatever. Throughout the week, it will add up.”


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