What’s more daunting than being able to live alone in a house? Hunting for a house. 

It’s no secret that house-hunting is a huge task, and god forbid if you are a woman or worse, a single woman! While everyone right from your pados wali aunty to your own daadi would tell you to be wary of your landlord, who presumably has two horns, here are some constructive tips you should bear in mind before signing those papers.

1. Make thorough enquiries. 

Don’t allow your landlord to assume that you are well aware of the terms of your lease. Keep hammering them with questions. Or else it’s you who’s gonna meet surprising rules once your contract starts. Verify whether the apartment is charging you extra for parking and pets. Otherwise, what’s the point of working hard the whole day if you can’t cuddle your fur babies to sleep at night?


2. Spot the red flags. 

Don’t scroll up to check the headline, it’s not a ‘relationship’ article. Nonetheless, red flags can show their presence in the places you least expect. Like, when your landlord starts talking about the ‘rules’ that you have to adhere to. If they utter things like, no boys allowed, no entry post 8 pm, or no snoring at night then politely say thank you and RUN.

3. Check if there are local pharmacies open 24/7.

More than a boy next door, what girls need the most is a pharmacy in the next lane. And that’s not the end of it. The pharmacies ought to remain open 24/7. This is crucial for a single woman to watch out for since they may run out of meds, sanitary pads, or have a midnight chocolate craving. Better be prepared. 

4. Have your roommates. 

With roommates, you may divide the expense of living in opulent residences. Not in Mumbai, though. Here you would want to split the cost of a 1BHK. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket since you already get paid in peanuts, having roommates is a pocket-friendly decision. A

5. Be wary of a nosy neighbourhood. 

It’s time to reconsider your decision if you see doors opening as soon as you arrive to check out your apartment for the first time. Nosy uncles and aunties down the hall are annoying and it increases ten folds when there is a single girl living next door. So, choose wisely.  

6. Become familiar with the type of local crowd.

Imagine yourself arriving home at 10 p.m. after a long day at work and discovering a bunch of men gawking at you from their motorbikes. Make use of that nosy aunty next door and squeeze some information on how the people are in the locality. If they sound dubious in their response, it’s not the right place for you. 

7. Go for flats on the middle floors, they tend to be cheaper.

Honestly, the kid in us who dreaded standing either first or last in a class queue hasn’t gone anywhere. Keeping up with the habit, choose apartments in the middle levels of the building. Flats that are neither on the bottom floor nor the top floor often have cheaper rent costs. ‘Cos you sacrifice being closer to the ground as well a view from the window. Regardless, if you don’t wish to squander money on something that you can see every evening on everyone’s Instagram stories, go for the middle-floor flats.

8. Choose the amenities you want beforehand. 

A swarm of tenants wants to have a washer and dryer within their property. So the flats that offer the same are occupied way before the others. Although you will have to pay less if your flat is devoid of the facilities, know that getting these things done from the outside will anyway cost you some extra bucks and energy. Choose wisely. 

9. Talk about what needs fixing up.

The flat will obviously be less priced if it requires some renovations, such as a new sink and fresh paint. So if you are paying the usual amount then get those things fixed beforehand or if they don’t then leverage your negotiation skills and reduce the rent. This will seriously save you a lot of money. 

10. Refrain from moving during the peak season. 

Basic economics, demand and price are directly proportionate. So if you plan to move in the times when the office commences, expect the rent for apartments to skyrocket. During the renting off-season, property owners are more inclined to offer reduced rates. You will end up spending less money on rent if you figure out the best time to look for flats.

11. Ask about the accessibility of the transport. 

The first thing you should ask your landlord is the query about transportation. Ask if the unit is close to the bus depot or the auto stand. Make sure it is not too far to get to the nearest railway or metro station. If you hear that Uber or Ola taxis are reluctant to accept rides from the area you have chosen, that should be your cue that it isn’t a practical location to travel from on a regular basis.

12. Consider looking for brand new properties. 

Nothing feels more rewarding than spending money where it’s worthwhile. Although renting an old, run-down apartment could save you some money, you should feel good to call your colleagues home. Instead, look for recently constructed apartments since they are more likely to provide you with the finest amenities and a ‘better view’.

13. Make sure your place is pest-proof before moving in

Who wants to live in a house that has a history of termites, cockroaches and other bugs. To be on the safer side, demand a pest-control in the flat before you move in. 

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Now, it seems you’re ready.