You walk away from your parents’ house in the honour of your autonomy. Little did you know when you met your landlord that it was a devil and the deep sea story. 

‘Rules’ never seem to leave our lives no matter how far we go away from home since it’s so uncommon for people to mind their own business. And some landlords take their title so seriously that they hand you a manual of guidelines with that menacing look, of course. The weirdest ones are listed below.

1. Somebody on Twitter shared how a flat only allowed Jain and Agarwal tenants. Uhm, casteism is a thing of the past, right?

2. No two genders can live together. Not even if you’re siblings. ‘Cos what if you’re a Game of Thrones fan?

3. Sir, are you renting a flat or a jail?


5. Basically, you need to turn into a loner if you want a flat on rent. 

6. Alexa play hum saath saath hai. 

7. Where do I even begin how stupid is this?

8. Bro…

9. Tyrant alert. 

10. Well, here’s an entire rulebook. 

11. WHAT?

12. Getting you closer to Jesus, one day at a time.

13. Yeah, I mean, what’s the point of staying away from home then?

14. Trying to keep you away from heartbreaks. 

15. Phuphi jaan is that you?

16. So they thought your paycheck’s enough to order food daily?

17. How much petty is too much petty?

18. So one can’t cuddle their fur babies after a long day at work?

19. Is that really a thing?