This Scene From ‘Doctor G’ Is Yet Another Reminder That Parents Are Humans With Their Own Desires

This Scene From ‘Doctor G’ Is Yet Another Reminder That Parents Are Humans With Their Own Desires

Aaliyah Jain

Doctor G, the movie with the right concoction of humour, drama and realism, is another pathbreaking movie. It not just tickled our funny bones but also touched upon a series of topics that we, in an instant, choose to ignore.

The movie, which revolves around a medical student and his struggles in gynaecology as a male doctor, tackles taboos around sexual health and pregnancy.

Apart from the woman’s health, the movie also tackles serious and important topics like adult dating. 

When we think about the term ‘mother’, we paint a certain picture in our heads. From watching desi television shows while chopping vegetables to shopping all the time on their phones, we have this set image of a typical mother in our minds.

In fact, we can never, ever, imagine a middle-aged mother stepping out and meeting new people, let alone dating someone. Because of course, how can ‘a mother’ date someone, right?

Uday Gupta (Ayushmann Khurrana), the protagonist of this movie, like several of us, doesn’t care about his mother’s, Shobha Gupta (Sheeba Chaddha), aspirations or feelings because of course, she’s supposed to ‘act like a mother’ – cook for him, listen to his issues and make her entire life revolve around her son.

However, in the scene where he creates a ruckus after seeing her mother’s friend, Vinod Kumar Jaiswal (Raj Sharma) at his house, his mother finally takes a stand for herself and asks him if he’s ashamed of her. 

When he starts telling her how he missed several opportunities because he chose to live with her, she stops him and tells him how she also wanted to make her career but couldn’t because she got pregnant with him, right after his father passed away, during her college.

Even though she wanted an abortion, her husband’s mother and society didn’t let her make the choice about her own life because she was carrying him, a male.

She explained her need for a companion to hold her hand but she chucked all her desires and dreams because she had to raise him, all alone. Therefore, it’s not just him who sacrificed, she did too, for ages.

Later, it was showcased that he understood what his mother was explaining. He went to her friend’s house, apologised to him and told him to bring his mother’s favourite desi ghee ke laddoos to make it up to her.

The entire topic, which is considered nothing but a taboo in our nation, speaks volumes about our priorities and the urgent need to talk about it. As an audience, our hearts melt when we see a son taking an initiative for her mother and putting her needs forward.

It’s 2022 and we need to understand our parents and their desires and feelings. Wake up, people!

Please note that all images are taken from the movie.

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