Desis Are Calling This Viral Kannada Movie Scene The Most Patriotic Scene Of All Time

Taniya Firoz Khan

How obsessed are desis with the idea of angrez folks doing the same things for us that we did for them? On a scale of  1-10, it’s f*cking 11. 

Setting aside all the patriotic songs you’ve been hearing in your society and on Instagram stories since 8 am on August 15, the craze for this video is unrivalled.

Indians are the bosses and gora log are serving the desis, the value of rupees has skyrocketed. Don’t lie, this clip just induced orgasm in every desh premi out there. 

Twitter is loving this role reversal. Wait, so just 7.5 years from now and we’ll transcend to this?

If you’re wondering where this clip has been taken from, here’s a Twitter user answering all your queries. 

Just 8 years more! I’m manifesting this, you guys! 

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