16 Times Bollywood Gave Us Visual Effects So ‘Unbelievable’ That Our Eyes Were Bleeding

Vasudha Sabharwal

Bollywood has a long-standing trajectory of bombarding us with visual effects so terrible we were laughing out loud. While movies like Brahmastra and Ra.One proved there’s been a sea of change, we had our doubts after watching the first teaser of Adipurush.

While thankfully, after criticism, the creators of Adipurush decided to work on VFX wherever possible; nothing can be undone about the films we’ve already witnessed and ridiculed.

Snippet from Adipurush’s first teaser

Acknowledging that there has naturally been a significant improvement with time, we are looking back at some of Bollywood’s worst VFX that were so bad they were good. Take a look:

1. They could have easily made the bride look scary with make-up. Instead, they chose to do this

Movie: Jaani DushmanEk Anokhi Kahani

Suburban Pagans

And this wasn’t even the worst of it!


2. Sorry, but nothing could ever prepare me for a desi Harry Potter. And what in the name of ‘Carpet-Quidditch’ is this?

Movie: Aabra Ka Dabra


3. That time when Mithun Da became a Superman

Movie: Shera

Gag Stag YouTube

4. Bill Gate’s face’s cameo was second hand embarrassing

Movie: Half Girlfriend


5. ‘Flying dad’ will never be unfunny

Movie: Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

Pretentious Movie Reviews Kanan Gill YouTube

And the CGI parrot and dog, of course!

The Asian Age

6. We had an automatic car with endless abilities way before its time

Movie: Tarzan: The Wonder Car

Haste Raho Comedy

7. Jackie Shroff was Spider-Man before anyone of us knew it

Movie: Shapath

Triggered Insaan YouTube

8. Cars look straight out of a terrible video game

Movie: Drive

Twitter – Anish Mohanty

9. Yes, the film was a part of our growing years. Yes, it had laughable VFX

Movie: Jajantaram Mamantaram

Ultra Kid Zone YouTube

10. What was meant to be a scary bullfight sequence became so unserious the moment we saw that animated bull

Movie: Kalank


11. Flying Jatt flew…and we all ‘disBELIEVED’ it

Movie: Flying Jatt

Zee Music Company YouTube

12. Iron Man, who? Suniel Shetty didn’t even need a suit

Pretentious Movie Reviews YouTube

13. I loved the movie, but why’d they have to make SRK climb the wall like that!

Movie: Badshah

14. Not that Radhe made much sense, but the climax helicopter scene was a real ‘Kuch Bhi‘ 

Movie: Radhe

Also Aman YouTube

15. The random fire ignited by the antagonist in the middle of nowhere looked SOOO believable. Right?

Movie: Drona

Eros Now Music

16. Will you believe me if I say this ‘realistic’ flying bike magically transforms into an Air India aeroplane? Bcos that’s exactly what happens! 

Movie: Hindustan Ki Kasam

NH Studioz
NH Studioz
NH Studioz

Are you ‘DED’?

While there have been endless Bollywood movies with hilarious visual effects, which one remains truly unforgettable to you?

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