Bengaluru Engineer Works As Rapido Driver On Weekends To Talk to New People


Corporate work often feels monotonous and mundane. Hence, employees take breaks, vacations or parties to decompress.

But how often do you see people doubling up as drivers to meet new people? According to a viral tweet by Nikhil Seth, he shared an intriguing story of a Microsoft employee who works part-time as a Rapido driver on the weekends in order to meet new people.

India Today

Nikhil Seth booked a Rapido ride only to discover that his driver was an engineer who works for the position of SDET at Microsoft in Bangalore. He tweeted out:

The post immediately sparked a range of reactions, described as “Peak Bengaluru behavior”. Others gave their own interesting cab driver stories. The post has garnered over 3,000 likes.

If you are thinking of something out-of-the-box, someone from Bengaluru has already thought and executed it perfectly. There are several examples of incidents where professionals working in reputed MNCs in Bengaluru decided to take a breather and find joyful side hustles.

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