10 People Share Their Honest Feelings About Monday Morning Meetings & It’s As Real As It Gets

Vasudha Sabharwal

My Monday blues start Sunday evening. But I bet this is the story for many of us. You know, as the thoughts about upcoming deadlines begin to suck away all the remnant shreds of happiness, as we cackle at ‘corporate majdoor’ memes and find comedy in our tragedy, as we falsely motivate ourselves to sleep early for a refreshing start to the week.


Monday mornings, or, actually, each morning at my office begins with meetings. But there’s something about Monday morning meetings that we — collectively as a team — hate the most but somehow manage to show up for since we’re now too deep in the corporate rabbit hole. So, I ended up asking my colleagues what they thought about our collective misery, and here’s what they said:


(FYI, our manager has also given their reaction, and since they will be reading this, my colleagues tried to be subtly unsubtle)

1. “Monday meetings are tiring because – a) productivity is at its lowest b) most of us are hungover/tired.”

– Aaliyah

2. “Let me sum it up in a gif ⤵️”

– Prakriti


3. “I hate it. Period.”

– Anand


4. “All I feel every single time is that this could have been a virtual meeting.”

– Harshita


5. “Mondays are gloomy in general, so it takes some time to adjust to the day. But I do enjoy meetings in general. The general exchange of ideas is something that interests me a lot, so it’s nice. Just not as much on a Monday.”

– Manya


6. “Kyun jaaun main Monday morning meeting mein, kya khaas baat hai Monday morning meeting mein, mujhe nahin jaana Monday morning meeting mein…!!”

– Ishi


7. “All I wish is they’d skip me and not ask me anything. No, I don’t have any ideas. Please don’t ask me to pitch in. My social anxiety can’t handle it.”

– Nikita


8. “I just wish to be invisible. I want them to know that I am there but I don’t want them to acknowledge my existence.”

– Anonymous


9. “It reminds me of my Maths period in school. I don’t like it.”

–  Khushboo


10. “Monday morning meetings are worse than Friday evening meetings. And they both suck.”

–  Vedika


Yes, our manager has also shared their opinion. They said, “I think Monday morning meetings help sort the week to get things going. You know, people need to get over their weekend binge-watching mood. I know you guys hate it but kya hi kar sakte hain!

I rest my case!

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