We Made Multiple Contracts For Your Tez Relatives ‘Cos Kalesh Is So 2023

Manya Ailawadi

We can try and pretend, but there is no such thing as love in between relatives, in majority of cases. Rishtedari typically means adjusting with people you’re associated by blood and didn’t have much choice in picking. Let’s be fair, we’d trade it for nothing. No money, nothing… just le jao. It’s fair to assume that most of us hate some or the other quirks that come clubbed with these relatives. It’s also fair to assume that we’d love to have those gone, but let’s be honest, that won’t happen.

Or can it? A woman on X (Twitter) inspired us to create a ‘legally binding’ contract with these rishtedars. So here’s what we came up with. Feel free to copy, paste or add more.

1. For when they want ‘shaadi ka khaana’.

2. For when they think your job is not good enough (it’s not), but they shouldn’t think it.

3. For when they’re too nosey (read: always).

4. For when they want kids to add to the chaos.

5. For when they act all ‘chor’ like.

6. For that one tez bua.

7. For when you want to be all ‘chor’ like.

8. For when they have too much to say on WhatsApp, and blocking is not an option.

9. For when they have no better work than to interfere.

10. For when they become Sima Taparias.

Because what is life, if not thoda aur kalesh?

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