This Girl Shared A Picture Of An Old School Water Bottle & It Has Filled People With Nostalgia

Harshita Singh

School is often looked back on by most adults as a place where the best memories were made. Childhood is simple, easy and full of innocence, and so, so much of our happiness during childhood used to come from the tiniest things. For instance, stationary, backpacks, good pens, and water bottles. If you’re an Indian kid who grew up in the 90s, you’re probably familiar with the uniquely shaped thermos water bottle kids carried then. Most of the time, they were of the brand Milton, and not every kid was cool enough to have them. Some would say that only the rich kids in class had a Milton water bottle.


That’s why this nostalgic post by _.subha19 where she has shared a picture of the iconic bottle we’ve described above was so, so comforting to come across. Take a look:

And here are all the witty and heartwarming ways in which people have responded to the tweet:

I never had this water bottle, but I was fascinated by it. It seemed so fancy. And yes, the cool kids in my class (AKA often the front-benchers) often had these.

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