The World May’ve Ended In 2012 Cos These Tweets Say Nothing Better Has Happened Since

Harshita Singh

You know how they’re saying 2024 is just 2014 all over again? Well, another instance of loopy time related theories was back in 2012, when everyone thought the world was going to end. In 2012, the internet was abuzz with theories about how the world would end on the 21st of December, because the Mayan calender had predicted a massive apocalypse of a sort.

Credit: YouTube

And now Twitter has come up with a number of things that took place in 2012, that left a mark on culture as we know it. Here’s the original tweet that started the conversation:

And here are the comments on it; Some have even said that perhaps the world did, infact, end in 2012 and after that we were transported to another world thereafter. While some have mentioned some of the most iconic movies, songs and debuts that took place. So from the release of Tiger, Cocktail, Spiderman to the onscreen marriage of Blair Waldorf to Chuck Bass, Twitter has talked about a lot.

2012 was clearly special.

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