29 Beautiful Words That Cannot Be Translated To English But Capture Human Emotions Perfectly

Grace Bains

Languages are beautiful in the sense that they give words to so many emotions. However, not all those words can be translated, and neither can we know all languages. A concept that is particular to the language of a certain culture may not even be a concept in our language.

However, that does not mean we keep ourselves away from words from other languages just because they cannot be translated. In fact, the beauty of languages we’re still discovering is that they have words for so many emotions where words from languages we know just fall short.

Hence, we bring you 29 words from languages that are not English but capture feelings we have no words for:

No matter which language a word belongs to as long as it touches your soul, right?

Design Credits: Anmol Gambhir and Saurabh Rathore

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