Doctors In Hyderabad Use The Metro To Transport A Live Heart & Save A Life

Snigdha Nalini Oreya

Doctors in Hyderabad transported a live heart via the city’s metro when an SOS request was put in from a hospital. The Hyderabad Metro Rail created a green channel for these doctors to transport the harvested heart.

A green channel was activated for these doctors to transport the heart from Nagole to Jubilee Hills Check Post Metro Station. A team of doctors brought the live heart from Kamineni Hospital in LB Nagar to Nagole Metro Station at around 1 AM. It took these doctors 25 minutes to transport the heart via the Hyderabad Metro.

Source: Twitter / @Bachanjeet_TNIE

A team of doctors and an ambulance from the Apollo Hospitals had been waiting at the Jubilee Hills Check Post Metro Station to transport the heart to the hospital smoothly.

Source: News18

This mission coincided when as many as 20,000 spectators who had travelled to watch the T20 cricket match at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Uppal would board the metro to return back. However, the mission was smoothly executed by the Hyderabad metro officials.

Many have appreciated this feat on social media. Here is what they had to say.

“Hyderabad Metro Rail is always ready to go the extra mile if help is needed,” said the managing director and CEO of L&TMRHL in a press release.

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