This Is What People Searched On Pornhub Last Year & Yes, Some Of It Did Take Us By Surprise

Manya Ailawadi

Pornhub may be the largest internet pornography site globally, but it is also one of the most frequently visited websites in the world. Recently, Pornhub released its annual review, unveiling the trends, popular performers, and search terms that captivated its users in 2023. There were numbers and details that pointed out people’s habits.


According to this data, the following words were searched the most times in 2023:

1. Lesbian
2. Asian
3. Hentai
4. Anal
5. Milf
6. Japanese
7. Pinay
8. Step Mom
9. Anal
10. Latina
11. Big Ass

For some reason, there’s popularity in kinks as well. So even when they’re personal to people, some seem to trend more than the others. For instance, the frequency of searches with the term ‘granny’ increased by 132%, while there was a notable surge of 168% in searches for ‘GILF’ (an acronym for ‘Grandma I’d Like to F–k’). This was compared to data from 2022.


Given that porn films have a sense of objectification associated with them most times, there can easily be superficiality linked to it. Searches for the words big, bigger, and biggest together increased by 177% globally, whereas searches including the term huge saw a significant rise of 67%.


Other than that, the constant fascination with AI applications like ChatGPT, it’s normal that the searches for such content experienced a substantial growth of 304%. Popular search terms included sex robot, AI robot, and 3D robot. The site also shared that Americans are spending more time on their website, with the average duration of a site visit increasing by 16 seconds.


These numbers clearly paint a picture – how we feel about it is something else.

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