CCTV Video Of Gurugram Man Slapping A Guard Who Rescued Him From Stuck Lift Has Outraged Twitter

Manya Ailawadi

Each day, we come across new incidents of power play, fed off from caste and class. It’s almost like we think we get a wild card to do things that are out of bonds, just because we belong to a specific ‘strata’. We treat people like they’re nothing, imagining that there ‘cannot’ be any retaliation as soon as we’ve the self-assigned power. And honestly, this behavior is inhumane. 


Case in point, a man in Gurugram repeatedly hit a security guard who was working his shift, because the man got stuck in a lift. The man, named Varun Nath, threatened to kill Ashok Kumar, who’s the guard. Soon after, he went on to hit the lift operator, while also threatening him. 

All of this, after the security guard helped him get out of the lift. Not that the man had the right to do any of it, even if the guard couldn’t have helped, but we’re focusing on the lack of empathy here.

I helped him get out of the lift within 3-4 minutes. As soon as he got out, he started beating me up

-Ashok Kumar to AN

After this extremely terrible incident, the guards held a protest at the gate of the housing society, rightly so. And soon, a police team reached the spot and Ashok Kumar lodged a complaint against the resident of the society (Varun Nath). 

Understandably, Twitter was outraged with how things went, after the CCTV footage of the incident surfaced online.

Sadly, our treatment towards people depend on their caste or race and whatnot, which brings up such incidents on a regular basis. So much so, that they’re normalized, which shouldn’t be the case.

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