India has a major caste and class problem and both feed off of each other without facing much of a consequence. Take your own homes for example. You have all seen how domestic workers are treated. Making them sit on the ground, keeping them standing at restaurants, giving them food in different utensils, these are staples of an average upper class, upper caste household. 

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But, it gets worse. It always somehow manages to get worse. Case in point, rich people playing their little sick sadistic games. Just have a look at this. 

What kind of morally repugnant arseholes do this? 

And this is not unique to Noida. Our collective casteism and display of power manifests itself in the evilest of ways. 

And while people continue to condemn it, this condemnation is truthfully only limited to a certain section of Twitter and rarely does manifest outside of social media and into real life. 

Unfortunately, this is the country we live in and I wish we could hope that education would change all that but at the end of the day, even the teachers come from the same upper caste families practising the same ritualistic discrimination.