When desis began to migrate abroad, they carried their stigmas along with them. From Indian landlords accepting tenants only from the same caste to judging another NRI for eating non-vegetarian food, casteism continues to thrive among Indians in both India and abroad.

In a bid to such discriminatory biases, Seattle has become the first US city to ban caste-based discrimination. The local council members voted to add the provision to the city’s anti-bias laws on Tuesday, reported The Guardian.

“The fight against caste discrimination is deeply connected to the fight against all forms of oppression,” said Kshama Sawant, the only Indian American Seattle City Council member.

“It is faced by South Asian American and other immigrant working people in their workplaces, including in the tech sector, in Seattle and in cities around the country,” said Ms. Sawant.

Seattle first US city to ban caste-based discrimination; casteism
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India put a ban on caste-based discrimination in 1948. While there are people who contest that casteism is far gone, the news of heinous violence and vile discriminatory practices against Dalits tells otherwise.

Desis are applauding the move. Here’s what they’re saying.

Last year, Apple became the first tech giant to put an explicit ban on caste-based discrimination. The move addresses an important issue pertaining to the Indian diaspora since the US is among the most popular destinations for Indians living abroad.