Family Begins A 1-Year Journey Around The World After Learning That The Kids Might Lose Their Sight

Aaliyah Jain

There are just a bunch of people who see the silver lining in difficult circumstances and a family of six members, including three children, is the perfect definition of this statement.

The family, which consists of two parents and their kids of five, seven, nine and twelve, embarked on a one-year journey around the world before the kids lose their sight due to a rare genetic condition.

The parents, Sebastian Pelletier and Edith Lemay, found out that their eldest kid, Mia Lemay-Pelletier, started struggling to see during the evenings in 2018. It was detected that she had retinitis pigmentosa which can leave her blind by the age of 30.

In the following year, her brothers, Colin and Laurent, were diagnosed with the same disease. However, their other son, Leo, was given the all-clear.

As per reports, the mother revealed that when her sons were diagnosed with the disease, they came up with the idea for a world tour to ‘fill their brains with ‘visual memories’ before their sight deteriorated’.

They began their journey in March, with no particular itinerary, and have covered several countries like Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Turkey, Mongolia and Indonesia. 

For the uninitiated, Retinitis Pigmentosa is a group of rare eye diseases that affect the retina and makes cells in the retina break down slowly over time, causing vision loss. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for the disease, and in a number of cases, people go blind by the time they are 30.

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