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Rakhi is probably the only festival when we put aside all the friendly banter that we have with our siblings. The heartfelt exchange of gifts and promises to protect each other is one of the most innocent human emotion there is. While most of us are lucky to celebrate Rakhi with our beloved sibling, or our lifelong nemesis if you may, there are a few who don’t even get to see their sibling for a really long time.

We’re talking about CRPF soldiers from the Indian Army, who remain deployed across the country all year round. One such battalion of soldiers is at the Srinagar International Airport or Sheikh-ul-Alam Airport which happens to be one of the most secure airports in the J&K Valley. Due to the area being a prime defence base, there are constant security threats. Needless to say, the soldiers are responsible for assuring the safety of civilians flying in and out. Because of their tough duty, they remain away from their families and even miss out on major occasions. Rakhi is one such festival where our soldiers have to bear the feeling of longing.

GoAir surprised the CRPF jawans when their cabin crew showed up to the base and tied them Rakhis as a gesture of gratitude. This video perfectly captures the elation of our soldiers and proves that there’s no stronger bond in the world like the one between a brother and sister: