Wolverine is one of the major reasons why people still care about the X-Men. He’s the glue that holds together the team of mutants and he’s often the reason why they emerge victorious in most of their battles. With Captain America: Civil War out already and X-Men: Apocalypse to follow soon, there are numerous discussions between nerds about who would win in a fight between these superheroes.

One such match-up is Wolverine and Captain America. Even though they belong to different cinematic universes, with one being owned by Disney and the other being owned by 20th Century Fox, this superhero battle is a comic book nerd’s wet dream. 


In a comic arc of the What If series, Wolverine: Enemy of the State, Wolverine takes on the entire Marvel universe. Released in November 2006, this arc was written by Jimmy Robinson and Mark Miller. It is widely considered as one of the best stories ever written for Wolverine.

Baron Strucker (a Hydra agent) brainwashes Wolverine into stealing crucial documents from SHIELD to turn this new technology into a weapon of mass destruction. A lot of superheroes try and stop Wolverine only to fail miserably. Logan ends up killing every superhero who stood in his way.


Before shit hit the fan, Wolverine had previously killed Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Iron Man (Yes!), The Fantastic Four (Oh, they are way cooler in the comics), Black Panther, Magneto and The Punisher before taking on Captain America.

During this rampage, Captain America had tried fighting Wolverine once before this as well where Cap lost one arm and his left leg. Captain America sits in a secured location while trying to out-manoeuver Wolverine. He was accompanied by a few of his loyal friends who’d then try and neutralise the threat that Wolverine had become.


Wolverine had to kill Magneto who had decided to freeze Logan’s adamantium skeleton. Hydra teleported Wolverine behind Magneto which broke his concentration for a second. Logan made the most of the situation and killed Magneto with a swift slash across his torso.

Wolverine fights against all odds and manages to get within striking distance of Captain America. In a brutal scene filled with typical comic book drama, Wolverine shoves his adamantium claws deep into Captain America’s skull. His last words to Cap were, “Say hi to Bucky for me.”


While Wolverine is later killed by Kitty Pride, it was all over by then. The mutant’s murderous rage saw almost all of the who’s who of Marvel’s pantheon systematically and brutally taken apart – in some cases, almost literally.

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The Super Soldier might have gotten the better of a lot of his colleagues but Wolverine is just not the guy you want to fuck with. Captain Rogers learnt it the hard way.