The group Aisi Taisi Democracy–which includes comedians Varun Grover, Sanjay Rajoura, and musician Rahul Ramis known for satirical commentary on Indian society and politics. 


Recently Sanjay Rajoura’s piece, titled Indian Mard was released, where he talks about what it is like to be a ‘typical Indian man’. In his trademark caustic commentary, Sanjay Rajoura breaks down the ‘beliefs’ that most Indian men live by. 


He starts the piece by talking about how, for most men, alcohol is a way to establish their ‘machismo’. 

He goes on to talk about how the ‘idea of romance’ that most Indian men follow, inspired by movies and songs, is a result of the male gaze and thus, severely flawed. 

He also mentions the #MeToo movement, and the way men, in general, responded to the allegations that started floating – by blaming alcohol or women. 

In the end, he states that the ‘reasons’ men come up for behaving inappropriately with women are nothing more than illogical excuses. 

You can watch the complete piece here. 

Design credits: Nupur Agrawal