Meat lovers swear by Lucknow’s famous Tunday Kababs and the iconic eatery in the city of Nawabs is famous all over the world. However, not many know the origin of this delicacy. 

Tunday kababs trace back to the 17th century when an old and toothless Nawab of Oudh was no longer able to enjoy his favourite Awadh cuisine.

Tunday Kababs weren’t always as soft and melty. In fact, up until the 17th century, it took quite some effort to chew the kababs. But everything changed after Nawab Asaf-ud Daula ordered to re-invent the delicacy. 

The Nawab was a food connoisseur. As old age caught up with him, he lost his tooth and found it difficult to relish his favourite kababs. Unwilling to give up on his fave food, he organised a competition and declared that whoever would satiate his hankering for meat with the softest kababs would enjoy the royal patronage!

Among all the khansamas who participated in the contest, Haji Murad Ali was the only one who succeeded to create the most tender kababs that melted in the mouth without much chewing. 

Legend has it that Haji Murad Ali lost one of his arms after he fell off the roof. And the kabab got it’s name‘ Tunday’ after the disability of its inventor.

Haji Murad Ali started the famous shop at the end of 17th century. Apparently, 125 different spices and condiments are used in the preparation of these kababs, which follows a closely guarded secret recipe, passed down from one generation to another. 

Centuries later, the legacy continues and Tunday kabas are here to stay for centuries to come!