Mistreated, underfed and left to fend for itself, the life of a stray-dog can be pretty painful to see. But luckily for this stray dog, a passing car ushered in a twist of fate. The result of all the love, care and affection is for you to see.

Kelsey was an emaciated stray dog who used to scrounge for food.

Her health was deteriorating. Parasites had attacked her sunburned skin.

When a family spotted Kelsey on the side of the road, they immediately decided to take her under their care. It took some convincing but Kelsey finally acquiesced to it.

They took her under medical care.

She started responding well.

Gradually, her health started improving.

Her fur started to come back and her frame was no longer emaciated. 

She is now an integral part of the family!

Faith in humanity restored. Kudos to the family for adopting her!

H/T: GreenYatra