We all are glued to our phones in general and the lockdown has kind of made them our only true companions for the time being. But a new study has revealed that mobile phones host a huge number of live germs. 


The research was a review of 56 previous studies from 24 countries. The authors of the research paper believe that Coronavirus is probably present on mobile and other touchscreen devices of the virus patients.

In the review, it was found that 68% of the phones that were taken for sampling were contaminated. Tiny microbes were present and the most common kinds were Staphylococcus and E. coli. 


Associate Professor Lotti Tajouri of Bond University in Australia described the mobile devices as “five-star hotels with premium heated spas, free buffet for microbes to thrive on”. He added:

They have temperature control, we keep them in our pockets, we are addicted to them. We talk into them and deposit droplets that can be full of viruses, bacteria – you name it. We eat with them, so we give nutrients to micro-organisms.

It is said that no matter how many times you wash your hands in a day, the moment you touch your phone, you are bound to get contaminated again.