Yes, you read that right. I was as confused and amused when I heard there’s something called ‘boyfriend ASMR’ for the first time. And then I did what any curious person would do, I Googled it. But sadly there wasn’t much information available about it, so I went on YouTube.

And boy was that wild! Just open YouTube and search ‘boyfriend ASMR’, and have a look at the video titles. The titles weren’t just wild but also NSFW. 

But that’s just one form of boyfriend ASMR. There are other YouTube channels like DennisASMR, which are pretty wholesome, role-playing as your sweet high-school boyfriend, reassuring you and saying sweet nothings, all that shebang.


So, what exactly is boyfriend ASMR, you ask? Well, the best way to describe it is having a virtual boyfriend who talks you down at night and tucks you in, all to help you have a good night’s sleep. Not just that, all the scenarios you can think of, from comforting to sensuous, you’ll find videos on that.

If you feel lonely, boyfriend ASMR can turn out to be a warm hug and a sense of someone being there for you. With a groggy voice, virtual reassurance and sweet compliments, the videos are calming, helping you relax and have a better sleep. So, here are a few Boyfriend ASMR channels for you to check out.

1. DennisASMR

 2. ASMR Boyfriend

3. BoyfriendAudio

4. Noah’s Haven

5. Twinkle Audio

6. YSF

7. Ash ASMR

8. Jae ASMR

9. Vortex ASMR

Well, if you are having a lonely night and need a comforting voice, watch these ASMRs and let us know how did it turn out for you?

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