Consider this, you're hunting for a job, you pay extra attention to your clothes, formal not uptight, the way you talk, body language, your aptitude skills... But before you are allowed to create an impression in person, your whole life and worth is boiled down to a single sheet of paper - your resume. It's a make or break situation, your resume lets your recruiters know everything you want them to know about you. And, so it becomes hugely important for you to know what exactly you need to avoid when crafting your resume. 

Here's a list of the common cliches, according to a study conducted by New College Of The Humanities, that you should avoid mentioning in your resume. 

1. "I am a good problem-solver"

Oh really? Have you found a solution for global-poverty, yet?

19% of the recruiters have voted against seeing this on a resume. Unless you've some really solid examples of your skill it's better to not create problems for yourself by adding this skill on your resume.

2. "I am proactive"

So may be we don't need to reject you, you must have got the point.

At least 22% of recruiters dislike to find this on a resume. You never really know what it feels like working in a company unless you actually start working for it. Thus, it's better to not promise big when you're unsure of what awaits you in the future.

3. "I have excellent written and oral communication skills"

Can we get over the boasting already?

24% of the recruiters hate to see this on the resume. Rightly said, if you're an eligible candidate then the company will call you anyway.

4. "I am a good listener"

You want to be our shrink?

This has proved to repel 28% of the recruiters. Recruiters will know in a few seconds if you're really a good listener or just making a speech about it, so better avoid using it.

5. "I am a brilliant team-player"

Such gibberish!

This one puts off 32% of the recruiters. If you really have 'team-player' skills like you claim, allow your interviewer/future employers to decide for themselves, but don't bore the recruiters by mentioning it on your resume.

6. "I'm enthusiastic"

So is my 4-year-old niece. What's your point?

This has been voted against by 35% of the recruiters. Mentioning your enthusiasm on your resume makes you sound desperate, and it always backfires. You can be enthusiastic about so many things, how is it relevant to the job solely.

7. "I have good communication skills"

We've clients who speak no English, do you guarantee communicating well with them?

36% of the recruiters have said a big NO to finding this on a resume. Although it's true that communicating well is a must-have when hunting for a job you really shouldn't brag about them. Instead you could bring it up at the interview if you really must.

8. "I work well under pressure"

Will congratulations be okay, or do you want a standing ovation?

As much as 39% of the recruiters have voted against this. Don't be shocked if you see yourself piled up under double the standard work load. After all, you said you can work well under pressure, didn't you?

9. "I am a hard worker"

Most of us are, aren't we?

42% of recruiters would go mad, finding this on your resume. Getting a job and keeping it requires significant hard-work, why should you be an exception?

Source: Forbes

10. "I can work independently"

Most people CAN do that, what's new?

47% of the recruiters absolutely hate to see this on the resume. It's better to let your actions do the talking instead of using bland phrases to convince.

Good luck with your future! 

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