When every bite brings you such divine happiness, it's impossible not to envision a relationship with chocolate. And why not? It's always been there for us, being around it makes us feel like a million bucks & we've never had a single fight till date. Sounds like a perfect relationship to me! If this strikes a chord with you too, then you will find these 10 signs relatable AF!

1. The sight of molten chocolate is the most arousing experience ever.


2. You've given some serious thought to building a life-sized partner out of chocolate.

"Where have you been all my life?"

3. Chocolate is the only incentive you need to get out of bed in the morning.

"It's gobbling time!"

4. You take it personally when someone says that they don't like chocolate.

Never say never!

5.  Chocolate is FUEL and you need constant refuelling. In the shower... during classes ... in meetings!

6. Chocolate is BAE. It doesn't question. It understands. It notices.

Redefining #RelationshipGoals since the beginning of time!

7. Your PDA with chocolate is known to get a little out of hand, at times.

*dunks face into chocolate*

8. Your bedside drawer has a secret stash of chocolates to satisfy those 3 a.m. hunger pangs.

Because when hunger strikes, you'd rather not be unprepared. 

9. To you, death by chocolate seems like a good way to go.

That little cake-gobbling kid from Matilda? He's your hero!

10. You'd rather die (or kill) than share your chocolate.

These signs are just the tip of the iceberg. Your commitment to chocolate is truly proven if you have bars of Cadbury Fuse strategically placed all over your house. And who can blame you for it? With that smooth flavour that melts in your mouth within moments, it is impossible not to give in to those chocolate cravings. And just so you never run out of them again, buy them from Snapdeal's exclusive store and unbox your choco-obsession. To order them now, click here.

Now excuse me, while I go profess my undying love to chocolate (read: stuff my face with it). 

GIFs sourced from Giphy.com