Our smartphones entertain us, keep us updated with the latest happenings, let us play games and even help us in finding a suitable date for ourselves. What's more, unlike annoying human beings, they even shut up when we tell them to. Yet they can frustrate the hell out of us. Here's how and when:

1. Running out of space when you need it the most!

So you are taking last minute pictures of the notes and your phone suddenly indicates zero memory. That's how you define doom.

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2. Autocorrect. Need we say more?

Remember the last time your phone corrected "Wi-Fi" to "Wife" and you almost ended up having a breakup? Well yes, your smartphone should be accused.

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3. When you need to call a cab urgently but your phone and its network decide to break up. 

Why u do dis, phone? Why? 

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4. When update notifications show up like unwanted guests. 

"You have 25 apps waiting to be-"

"Yes, Phone, I heard you the first 20 times you said it." 

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5.  When you're trying to be sly about taking a picture/screenshot but your phone's 'click' gives you away. 

By all means, phone, make me look like a creep. 

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6. When you're just trying to sit comfortably but your phone mistakes it as a go-ahead on butt-dialing. 

"What was that? You want me to call your ex?" 

"No! I said-"

"Alrighty then, one order of awkwardness with a side of salty tears coming right up!" 

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7. When it is sitting in your pocket one minute and commits suicide by cracking on the floor in the next. 

That moment when you hear a crack and hope it's a bone. 

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8. The one time you try voice commands and it goes horribly wrong. 

You: "Call *insert contact name*." 

Phone: "LOL nah bruh." 

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9. When you're just scrolling through someone's social media profile but your fingers slip and you accidentally like a picture from 4848747 years ago. 

*Plays ominous music*

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10. When you want to take a perfect selfie at night but all you get is a crappy and hazy picture.

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