Here are 10 simple exercises to include in your daily regime to get well-toned arms, without hitting the gym.

1.  Arm rotating exercise

This is considered as a stretching exercise, the clockwise and the anti-clockwise movement of your arms tones up flabby biceps, shoulders, back muscles and triceps.

2. Scissor exercise

Termed as the best cardio exercise for strengthening and toning arm muscles, this exercise looks like a scissor is being opened and closed. 

3. Side plank exercise

This exercise tightens the muscles of the biceps, triceps, shoulders and improves your core strength. 

4. Airplane extension

Performing this exercise helps in developing tension in the muscles of your arms, legs and stomach which in turn tones and strengthens these body parts.

5. Chair dip exercise 

This exercise particularly targets the muscles of the triceps by toning saggy skin in and around the upper arms. 

6. Downward dog exercise 

Get rid of back and arm fat with this exercise as it targets the biceps, triceps and the shoulder muscles. 

7. Jumping jack exercise

An amalgamation of aerobics and muscle-strengthening exercise, performing jumping jacks is beneficial for shaping your triceps and biceps muscles.

8. Swimming

One of the best ways to tone your flabby arms is swimming as it involves backstrokes and front strokes that remove excess fat from the arms and strengthens them.  

9. Wall push-ups 

Include this exercise in your routine to create tension in the arm muscles by stretching them, which in turn helps in getting rid of saggy arm fat.

10. Tricep extensions

This exercise involves weights that builds tension in the arm muscles and do wonders in shaping saggy arms fast.