So, a while ago, we asked people about their crazy road trip adventures and their answers convinced us there’s certainly no shortage of 'wanderlusters' in our country. We’re sure that among us walk those who are in the middle of making the transition from tourists to travelers. Those that are on the verge of realizing more financial independence and more personal independence.

If you’re one of them, you may be closer to being a road trip junkie than you think. And in order to help the adventure junkie inside you come out even faster, we figured it’ll make sense to list a few things to keep in your car that can help you be road-trip-ready. Always.

You ready? 

1) Spare tyre

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Because what are you gonna do when you bust a tyre and there’s no mechanic in sight for a mile in any direction?

2) Extra jacket

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Because the road can sometimes take you to places where the weather is as unpredictable as it gets. Also because who wants to catch the chills when on a fun road trip?

3) Notebook and pen

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Because the notes app in your phone will be good for nothing if your battery dies and you need to note down directions, numbers or names.

4) Travel mug

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So, if you find a rest stop, and know that you may not find another one for a while, you have something to carry tea or coffee in.

5) Packed nuts

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Packed nuts have a great shelf life, take up next to no space and in case there's no food around, can revitalize you quickly. 

6) Flashlight

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Because the torch in your phone is not the best option when you're in the mood to raid a forest or a campsite after dusk. 

7) Hygiene bag

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Because while nature provides a lot, it does not provide creature comforts like toilet paper and toothpaste.

8) First aid kit

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Perhaps, something you should always keep in your car anyway! 

9) Duct tape

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This ingenious invention can come in handy in many ways including - protecting your feet against blisters, doubling up as a clothes line, fixing holes in tents and taping snacks to your jeans when you run out of pockets. 

10) Board games

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So you have something to do for a little R&R after a long day during your getaway.

11) Basic cutlery

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What's the harm in carrying a plate and a spoon with you when they take up almost no space and might come in handy at any point in time while you're on the road or at a campsite?

12) Books

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Could there be a better time to read your favourite book than when you're away from civilization and in the warm embrace of nature?

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