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Nov 10, 2016 at 16:50

These 15 Hilarious Comics Perfectly Sum Up The Life Of A Book Lover

by Prapti Elizabeth

From people promising to take utter care of your books, to you never seeing those books again, the troubles of a book lover are endless. It means you are compulsive around them, you keep going broke every time you visit the bookstore and let's not even talk about book fairs. So giving a voice (and an image) to your troubles, here are fifteen real life scenarios that only a book lover will relate to.

1. Parting with your books is NOT easy.


2. Your definition of a perfect day is quite different from others.


3. To lend or not to lend.


4. Your idea of a perfect day always involves reading.


5. You date your books.


6. Ah, the smell of new books.


7. This is your worst nightmare.


8. When you love fictional characters more than real people.


9. Louv is happening.




11. Your friends hate you.


12. The struggle is real.


13. Sleep, what is that?


14. Love the book I love or k, bye!


15. Seriously?


Rings a bell?

Design credit: Aroop Mishra



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