A memory of a life time, a simple gesture that'd make all the ups and downs experienced together worth it, and a moment that is just meant for you. That is what a marriage proposal means. It is a confirmation to you and your significant half that no matter how boring or bizarre life gets, you two will have each other's back. And that means, when life would present lemons gift wrapped under silk and shimmer, you would put in all your efforts to make some refreshing lemonade out of it.

To celebrate that special moment, most people plan a lot to seal the deal with a dreamy and memorable marriage proposal. And then, there are these people. 

1. No, he did not!?

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2. That's too much pressure on Tracy, no?

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3. Will you moo-ry me? 

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4. Red wedding! *GOT fans cheer*

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5. Looks like farm animals are in demand!

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6. Moment ruined!

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7. The traffic light actually went red! You know what to say Michelina.

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8. Justin hates the 3-D world!

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9. The attempt is MILD and not even close to SAUCY! 

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10. Of course! I'll marry the pizza. Thanks!

Sure I love my food but a proposal like this? No thanks.

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11. And here I'm still learning to read maps correctly!

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12. No excuse for this one.

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13. Our marriage is going to be a roller coaster ride. Hence, the proposal. 

She can't even see that she's being proposed!

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14. Always stop for a pizza. 

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15. And this one deserved an honorary mention

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Not questioning your love, guys, but you could have just stayed with the regular ring and wine thing!