With technology seeping into every corner of our lives, there's no denying the fact that it is the future. Hence, the quest for making a 'Digital India' is stronger than ever. However, unbeknownst to many people, India's dream of becoming fully digital have been fulfilled multiple times.

Don't believe us? Check these instances out.

1. Because only primitive people use mirror to shave.

Source: fantlab

2. Humari bhains bhi Ed Sheeran ke gaane sunne ke baad doodh deti hai.

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3. We all had 'selfie sticks' long before they were invented.

Source: ribalych

4. We're so digitally advanced, it's the only thing that turns us on now.

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5. We're so digitally advanced, we can even perform ceremonies by correspondence.

Source: Madan Chikna

6. We're so digitally advanced, we can make calls even from our bricks.

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7. Even our 3rd umpire is digitally enhanced.

Source: aashay

8. Forget using technology. We wear it.

9. Even our food is digital.

Source: The citizen

10. Forget humans, even our gol-gappas and chaat are on Facebook.

Source: Quora

11. Even our wedding cards are digital.

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12. We've even started 'walking' the digital way.

Source: Zabeeh Afaque

13. Our digital watches have broken the barriers of time and space.

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14. Even our Gods love using digital media.

Source: indian-roots

15. Even our shagun has gone digital.

Source: Priyal

16. Or, you can always swipe a card.

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The rest of the world clearly has a lot of catching up to do.